Intern Insight: Walt Disney Motion Pictures Canada Interview







Having hustled my way into a conversation with Disney’s marketing assistant, and submitted a resume/cover letter, I was offered the opportunity to interview at the Toronto office.

It’s hard to realize that what had been a dream of mine for so many years was finally coming true.  Hours were spent absorbing as much knowledge I could about the organization and upcoming theatrical releases, reviewing my past work experience, and – of course – preparing how best to tackle Disney’s current marketing initiatives.

The one (fatal) question?  What’s the most recent movie you watched in a movie theatre?  For some reason – as the most dim-witted individual – I froze and forgot the many movies I had watched just in the last month.  You’d think I’d mention Argo, Silver Lining Playbook, etc.  What did I mention?  Iron Man 2.  What was I thinking?  How did the movie geek get movie stumped?  I was crushed.  The spotless impression I tried to make was now a disaster.

Please let there be hope!  This position is all I’ve wanted and prepared for for the last two years.  Fingers crossed!


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