Intern Insight: Walt Disney Motion Pictures Canada Interview







Having hustled my way into a conversation with Disney’s marketing assistant, and submitted a resume/cover letter, I was offered the opportunity to interview at the Toronto office.

It’s hard to realize that what had been a dream of mine for so many years was finally coming true.  Hours were spent absorbing as much knowledge I could about the organization and upcoming theatrical releases, reviewing my past work experience, and – of course – preparing how best to tackle Disney’s current marketing initiatives.

The one (fatal) question?  What’s the most recent movie you watched in a movie theatre?  For some reason – as the most dim-witted individual – I froze and forgot the many movies I had watched just in the last month.  You’d think I’d mention Argo, Silver Lining Playbook, etc.  What did I mention?  Iron Man 2.  What was I thinking?  How did the movie geek get movie stumped?  I was crushed.  The spotless impression I tried to make was now a disaster.

Please let there be hope!  This position is all I’ve wanted and prepared for for the last two years.  Fingers crossed!


Intern Insight: Professional Networking…There’s Hope For Me Yet

Amidst the frantic email and phone interviews with professionals in the entertainment industry, I came across one of the nicest interviewees yet (and he just happens to be Canadian).  As the former marketing assistant for Focus Features, he volunteered to take a look at my resume and pass it along to a coordinator and Focus.  His last email to me was a tremendous boost of confidence that I sorely needed.  Take a look below!

I admire your drive. You remind me of myself when I was starting out. I’d e-mail anyone to get my foot in the door! But you have the resume and cover letter to back it so you are on the right track.
Always open to helping a fellow Canadian…
I sent your resume/cover letter to the coordinator in the intern department at Focus. Keep me updated. Hope something comes of it.

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